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Winston-Salem Plumbers

Winston-Salem Plumbers

Winston Salem Plumbing

Need a Winston Salem plumber that does it all and has an excellent reputation for providing great customer service? Johns Plumbing and HVAC offers Winston Salem plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers.
We provide licensed and insured Plumbing Contractors in Winston Salem, NC.

Winston Salem Plumbing Services:

  • kitchen faucet repair or replacement
  • toilet & urinal repair or replacement
  • sump pump repair or replacement
  • outside faucet repair or replacement
  • bath & shower faucet repair or replacement
  • water or sewer replacement
  • well pump repair or replacement
  • water jet cleaning services
  • isolation & main valve lines services
  • backflow prevention & testing services
  • install and service tankless water heaters
  • lavatory faucet repair or replacement
  • garbage disposal repair or replacement
  • water heater repair or replacement
  • water pipes–waste line services
  • frozen or split pipes thawed or replaced
  • video-camera-locating systems
  • drain cleaning services
  • water main replacement
  • sewer line replacement
  • grey & rain water reclamation services
  • install and service solar water heaters

That's not all: Johns also offers Winston-Salem Heating and Air conditioning services, drain cleaning services, tankless hot water heaters, and solar heating systems for your home, office, or apartment building. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or building manager, contact the leader in Winston Salem plumbers or call 336.722.1448 – Johns Plumbing and HVAC.