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I just had to let you know about the excellent service we received from John's heating and ac last week....

Hugh and I moved to Land's End in Dec. and we are still getting used to our new home.  Our downstairs AC gave out last week on one of the super hot days.  I called the emergency # on our AC units, because they had 24 guaranteed service and they practically laughed when I asked could they come that day.  We called them since our units were under warranty.  It was about 8 am then and when they couldn't come I called John's (since they did work for us at our other house).  The receptionist was extremely nice and comforting and said it would be no problem to get to us that day but it may be an after hours charge.  This was Wed. and Thurs. we were leaving for vacation and we didn't want to leave our house without air.  We didn't care about the extra charge and she carefully explained everything.... I am sorry that I didn't get her name but she really went out of her way.  We set up a 5:00 appointment.


We had a call from Tommy, midday and he said he could be at our house around 2 and Hugh met him there.  We were pleased he got to us early since he had to order a new motor and we were still hoping to get away on Thurs.  Tommy was great and he got us taken care of ASAP and we went merrily on our way just a little later than we planned.  We were really impressed with Tommy and he was so prompt, efficient and considerate.  I mentioned knowing you and I could tell that he thought a lot of you.  


The service was so superior that Hugh and I both wanted to pass it along to you.  Hope you are having a great summer and I hope to see you soon. 

Take care, Mary Lou

-Mary Lou

Am highly impressed with work done at our house. What took me 8 hours to screw up only took you all no time to fix Will be calling you all again once again highly impressed Will be recommending you to all my friends done took pics of work done am really impressed thanks slot felt price was very reasonable.


I have been very pleased with your customer service, in getting my new unit installed.  You made the transition process very easy from beginning to end.  Your patience in answering all of my concerns, gave me confidence in knowing, that I made the right decision. 

Additionally, I also wanted you to know that Tony worked diligently, to complete the installation.  His professional interactions with his co-workers and me, were impressive.  I believe that you have a team leader in the making.  He is an outstanding representative for Johns Plumbing.  If there is an award for which I can recommend him, please let me know.

Thank you, again for everything, including the surprise candy delivery!

In appreciation,



Brian and Brandon, thank you for a great job, and for informing me of other problems with the faucet and what more should probably be done!

It is professionals like the both of you from Johns Plumbing who keep us coming back to Johns Plumbing anytime we need service at our home.

I just wanted to echo what Elizabeth said: "Always pleased with Johns Plumbing!"



“We recently had a water conditioning system installed by Dr. Johns H2O. Our well water had a very high level of iron and other minerals. We had a constant problem with stains on our sinks and toilets. Since our system was installed we have seen a great improvement in our water quality. No more stains, our washing machine cleans better, and the water tastes great. I wish now I had done this sooner. Dr. Johns H2O has been a pleasure to work with.”  David 


Howard came to house today to do regular maintenance. Just wanted to let you know he is a great guy, very helpful, very informative, and please tell him I was happy with him. I did, but maybe you can too!!


VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS We came home to a cold house at 9:00pm and could not figure out why our heat was not working. We called Johns plumbing and heating after hours and they were here in less than 30 minutes. The technician was able to identify and fix the problem in 20 minutes. He was even considerate and quiet because he knew our baby was sleeping. Our technician was friendly, fast and efficient and we definitely recommend their services. Howard did an excellent job.


Chuck is the best technician we have ever had in our home, to do any type of service work. We had an incredible experience working with him. He came to put in our water heater and he was so pleasant, patient, obliging and kind... even after doing a very tough job. I could not recommend him enough, and I have already given your info and his name to my friends. Thank you again!


-Jean H

Just wanted to give you a shout out from a very satisfied customer. My upstairs heat went out over the weekend, and I called and scheduled them to come out first thing this morning. They were there bright and early and took care of the issue very quickly. I can't tell you enough how great it is to have a heating and air company that you can trust not to take advantage of you.

-Dace Hennessee
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