Preparing Your Home for a Winter Storm

The first winter storm is poised to hit the Triad; is your home ready?

Preparing your home for a winter storm

Here’s a checklist of things to do before the storm hits:

  • Clear your gutters; they can’t direct water away from your house if they’re clogged with leaves and debris.
  • Trim your trees. The Triad is especially prone to ice storms, which can cause ice to accumulate on branches. Ice-laden branches can then break off and fall on your home, car, or power lines.
  • Cover your outdoor HVAC unit. Although we generally recommend leaving the unit uncovered for the winter, a blizzard is one of the few reasons that we recommend temporarily covering it. After the storm, remove the cover and clear the area of snow and ice.
  • Make sure your sump pump is working by pouring a five-gallon bucket of water into the well. If it seems to be lagging, make sure it’s clear of debris. For other problems, call Johns Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning as soon as possible.
  • Familiarize yourself with your electrical panel and power main.
  • Make sure your furnace and heating system is working at full power by scheduling a check-up with Johns.
  • Charge your phone.
  • Secure all outdoor furniture, bicycles, etc.
  • Create an emergency kit with flashlights, extra batteries, first aid supplies, candles, matches, food, and fresh water.




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