Frozen Pipes Myths Debunked

frozen pipes myths debunked

Detection of Frozen Pipes

If the temperature has been below freezing and you have turned on the tap and nothing comes out, you might have a frozen water pipe. If you turn on the tap, and just a trickle of water comes out, you might have a frozen water pipe.  Frozen pipes may have a bulge or may have frost on the outside of them. If a section of pipe feels colder than the surrounding sections, that section can be the frozen culprit.

Myth:  All Frozen Pipes Burst

This is not the case. Many times the pipe will thaw without rupturing. Before you begin thawing the pipe, make sure the main water valve is turned off, and the faucets are all turned on. When the water in the pipe begins to defrost, the water will drain through the pipe to the faucet. If there is more than one section of frozen pipe, make sure that you start thawing the pipe at the frozen spot closest to the faucet. This will allow the melting water to flow out of the line properly instead of backing it up and causing pressure buildup in the line.

Myth:  Contact a Plumber at the First Sign of a Frozen Pipe

Defrosting a frozen pipe does not always result in the need to call a plumber. You can save yourself some money if you are patient and thaw the pipe out yourself. Plumbers can come babysit your pipes while they thaw, but you will pay heftily for them to do it, especially if it is after hours or on a weekend. Homeowners can crank up the heat in the home to defrost the pipes in the walls. Indoor pipes will usually thaw out slowly, and water will eventually begin to flow through the faucet into the sink. You can turn the water back on from the main valve to force more water into the line. If water begins to flow properly into the sink, then your efforts were successful. If however, no water is making its way to the faucet, and if you find the water damaging your walls, carpet, or furniture, turn the main water valve off immediately and call your plumbing expert.





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