Are You Helping or Harming Your AC Unit?

Your air conditioning unit is exposed to all sorts of weather and the elements. You can be exposing your air conditioning unit to harmful substances during the spring and summer months.  As harmless as it sounds, mowing your lawn can be harmful to the health of your air conditioner conditionair conditioning unit. Newly cut grass can be sucked into the unit and cause clogs that greatly reduce the air flow for your air conditioning unit. The best thing that you can do is turn your air conditioning unit completely off before you begin to mow your lawn. This will prevent the need to call a heating and air repair technician later.

If you are not using a bag to collect your grass as you mow, the grass flies through the air and lands on the air conditioning unit. Grass adheres to the unit and must be removed. During the spring, pollen collects faster than the grass grows, and it builds up in the air conditioner condenser also. If the pollen is pulled into the unit along with the grass, the reduced air flow will cause the condenser to have to work harder. After you are finished mowing, find your water hose and use the highest setting for the water pressure. Wash the air conditioning unit to clean the condenser and rid the unit of the grass and pollen residue. If the gunk is not removed, it will overwork your condenser and will reduce the life span of your unit.

Washing this gunk away will extend the life of your air conditioning unit. After a long hot day of mowing the grass, indulge yourself with the cool water from the water hose as it splashes back toward you from the air conditioning unit. You can play a bit in the water and do something good for your pocketbook at the same time. This will reduce the need for your heating and air technician to come out and professionally clean your unit for you. You will find that your unit works better and cools much faster than it has in the past when it has been covered with debris and gunk. Be a helper for your air conditioning unit; you will reap the benefits of your hard work both inside with a cooled house and in paying a reduced utility bill later.

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