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Add Heater Vent Lights in Bathrooms for Comfort

A simple thing such as installing a heater vent light provides you with several different advantages. Check to see if you have a HVL (heater vent light) installed in your bathroom. It consists of three items, as the name indicates. A switch for each item is usually located inside your bathroom door at the same place your light switch is located. What is the purpose of a heater vent light and what are the advantages of installing one?

A heater vent light consists of three different items—each with a different purpose.

  • Light: This provides a light that will assist you as you enter your bathroom. The switch to the light is usually the top switch on your HVL switch.
  • Heater: This helps to heat up the bathroom. It is usually the second switch on your HVL switch.
  • Vent: This is a fan motor that helps to exhaust your bathroom. It is usually the bottom switch on your HVL switch.

Advantages of a heater vent light:

  • The heater will enable you to heat up your bathroom before you use it. You can heat up the bathroom only and do not have to heat up the whole house just too make the bathroom warm enough to use.
  • The vent will help exhaust your bathroom. Many times we think the vent is to move the smell out of a bathroom, but the main purpose of this vent is to move moisture that accumulates out of the bathroom. When someone takes a shower or bath, the humidity level rises in the bathroom. If the vent is not turned on to prevent this, the humidity level in the whole house could change. The higher the humidity level, the less comfortable the air is.
  • The light is not the main focus of a HVL, but it does help when you enter your bathroom. It is the first switch you come to when you enter the room. It is easy to turn this switch on so you can see to access what you need to in your bathroom.

If you do not have a HVL installed in your bathroom, now is the time to make the investment and have one installed. In many older homes, HVL’s were not installed. In today’s homes, they are required to be installed in any part of new construction or renovation. Regardless of your situation, it will greatly benefit you to install a HVL in your home. These can be purchased at any building supply store in your area. In many cases, they can be installed using the same wiring that exists for the lights you already have installed in your bathroom. I also recommend that you install these lights in a workroom or perhaps in a room that you use for handicrafts, photography, or any other hobby that you may be involved in.